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32 for the prompt meme, Liadan Cousland!

End of the game, Alistair x f!Cousland.

- - - - -

Consciousness returned to Alistair with a long, weary groan. The last thing he remembered seeing was a charging genlock. It took some time for his sight and hearing to clear up, let alone any memory of what precisely he’d been up to. A piercing wail was more than enough to bring it all rushing back.[[MORE]]

His feet were still heavy and unsure when he jumped up, causing him to stumble more than once as he rushed toward the hulking corpse of the Archdemon. The bodies of enemies and allies alike had been flattened to the ground around the beast. The crumpled form of one of the Dalish caught on Alistair’s boots and he fell once more. He shut out the large, glazed eyes and hoped against hope that there was one he would not find in such a state. Leliana’s continued sobbing did little to assuage his fears, though.

When he reclaimed his footing, Alistair tread more carefully through the corpses. He couldn’t see what was cradled in Leliana’s shaking arms but it was an easy guess. The closer he got, the more he found he didn’t want to know the truth.

Leliana heard his approach. She said something to him but Alistair didn’t hear. Everything outside of Liadan’s limp form ceased to be. Her skin was pale. The freckles that dusted her cheeks blended with flecks of blood. Her hair had fallen loose leaving strands of copper to run over her shoulders. She might have just been asleep. Alistair prayed that she was.

Somehow Liadan was transferred into his arms while he stared, entranced. He pulled her close so that her ear was at his lips.

“Open your eyes,” he whispered.

His voice quavered and fell. He choked back everything else he wanted to scream. He wanted to curse Morrigan for cheating them or the Archdemon for not waiting until he could slay it. More than anything, though, he just wanted Liadan to open her eyes. Everything else would be worth it if she would just wake up.

A sharp gasp and ragged breaths shook her body to life. Her lashes fluttered and her brow knit. From Alistair’s elbow, Leliana muffled another sob.

“You’re back,” Alistair choked. “I thought… but you’re alive. You’re fine.”

“We’ve got a wedding to plan. I wasn’t going to let an Archdemon get in the way of that,” Liadan laughed.

Her voice was thin but there was enough of her usual steel woven through it to reassure Alistair. He smiled until his cheeks ached from it. He wasn’t sure whether he should cry or laugh.

“Don’t forget the throne,” he said. “That was your grand idea. I’d have snatched you from the Void before I ruled alone.”

Leliana swept them both into an embrace and laid a kiss on their cheeks. “Just kiss already so we can be gone from this wretched place.”

That was one final command Alistair was happy to take before the crown was placed on his head. Liadan had promised the rest of her life would be spent at his side. He would never find words to explain how relieved he was that there time together wasn’t already at an end. Instead, he put it all into that kiss.