Anonymous asked:

You posted 8 Dragon Age stained glass windows on Deviantart. They looked like digital artwork, however you said they were going into the kitchen windows at Bioware, which would indicate they are physical stained glass. Please clear this up for me, and let me know if you personally did the beautiful artwork. Do you have any pics of them installed at Bioware? Thanks!

nthornborrow answered:

Thank you kind anon! I did design these and they had them printed on transparent vinyl and installed on some of the windows at BioWare. It’s hard to tell from the pic but the actual stained glass part of the images are transluscent, and the millwork is opaque, so light only comes through the glass parts. Super neat.image


Reblog with info about your Warden and Hawke that you plan to import into Inquisition through the Keep


First Name: Liadan
Race: Human
Gender: Woman
Origin: Human Noble
Class: Dual-Wielding Warrior (Champion, Berserker, Spirit Warrior)
Romance: Alistair
3 Personality Traits: Empathetic, Loving, Determined


First Name: Adelynne (Adel)
Gender: Woman
Class: Two-Handed Warrior (Berserker)
Romance: Anders
3 Personality Traits: Passionate, Family-Oriented (including friends she considers family), Bold