It’s my headcanon- and I’m absolutely convinced of it- that if Hawke leaves Bethany behind from the expedition, she turns herself in to the Templars. I think she takes it as the final sign that her family will never stop protecting her and so she sees herself as a hindrance. They’ve never had, and will never have, normal lives because of her. None of them ever begrudge her that, but she always wonders if they wouldn’t have been better off without her.

It’s all the worse because protecting her is one of the driving forces in going on the expedition in the first place. She isn’t even allowed to help secure her own freedom. She’s wanted nothing more than a normal life and she’s denied the chance to finally fight for it. So she finally takes her life into her own hands. She sacrifices her freedom and happiness to try to ensure that her sister and mother can find more of their own.

I could probably ramble on, but I’m still waking up.



So, short backstory! David Gaider is on vacation in New Orleans, where I live. I tweeted at him as a joke about giving him free alcohol in exchange for Dragon Age secrets… much to my surprise he tweeted back and offered to meet up, if I wanted. Much fangirling ensued. We had…

Ooh, some interesting stuff in here.