People don’t believe me when I tell them how bad the Dragon Age II official guide was for ignoring Lady Hawke.  This is every picture of Lady Hawke in the entire 271-page guide.

  • Not a single full body shot, while bro Hawke gets like 20 of them.  Every companion gets a full body shot.  Darkspawn get full body shots.  Dog gets a full body shot.
  • Yes, one of the three pictures of Lady Hawke is surrounded by four pictures of bro Hawke.  There are more pictures of him on that one page than there are of her in the entire book.
  • You can strip your character!  Check out Lady Hawke in her underwear!  Hot, right?

This happened only one game ago.  If you want to know why some of us think it’s cool that the Inquisition marketing includes a lot of the female protagonist, this is it right here.